About Our Drums

Drum Box 

Price $280/ Free Shipping

This is our top of the line snare cajon. Often referred to as a “drum kit in a box.”

Made from top grade birch ply and finished in a deep Carolina Blue, this finally crafted instrument looks great and sounds fantastic.  It has a crisp, dry snare and a full bass sound. It is the perfect all -around cajon that will integrate with any musical sound.

A cajon is played by slapping the front face or “tapa.” The drummer sits on top and tips it back to find a comfortable position. The drum is usually played with bare hands, but sticks, brushes, brooms can all be used to generate different tones.

Striking near the top creates a  razzy snappy sound  of a snare drum. When you strike  near the center, you create deep mellow sound.  The front face is flexible and the tone can be varied both in pitch and quality using the heel of a bare foot. Some players also use the side to get a wood block sound.

The sound port on our standard cajon is in the back  –  when played about two feet in front of a wall – the entire wall reflects and amplifies the sound.  You will be surprised at the volume and nuance of the sound that you can create.

This cajon can be purchased with or without snares.

Boom Box

Price $299 / Free Shipping

This is a down-firing cajon, with great dynamic range and rich, deep  bass tones.  The player can easily  adjust the sound of the cajon by controling the angle the drum is tipped.  The resonance of this drum is affected by whatever floor surface it is set on.

Kitty Hawk Percussion pioneered the creation of  the down-firing  Boom Box which projects the sound forward and allows the player to adjust the tone by changing the angle at which it is tipped.  These drums have a deeper bass tone than our standard cajon and are perfect for playing in a circle of musicians. Whether on the deck of your beach bungalow or partying with friends in the dunes, these cajones are perfect for impromptu musical gatherings under a blue sky or one filled with stars.

This cajon can be purchased with or without snares.

Cajones are easily tuned – adjust the top face screws to loosen the tapa and increase the sound of the snares or tighten the lower screws to enhance the bass. Cajones start tight and their sound improves as the wood loosens up the more you play.

Many musicians use cajones in an amplified environment.  It is easy to set up a microphone either in front of the cajon or at the sound port in the rear.  There are clip-on drum mikes as well that can be used with these instruments. These drums sound best when played on a reflective surface such as wood, tile , concrete, etc.


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